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Naturally Born Baby Provide professional baby nurse  to fit the needs of every parent. Each baby nurse is able to travel nationally and internationally. We are at your service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Should you have an emergency, we can provide a baby nurse on the spot. Since our inception, we have provided baby nurses  services to  New York ,New Jersey, Boston MA, Washington DC, California , New Orleans , Tennessee ,Texas , Cleveland and the greater Cincinnati Ohio areasAt Naturally Born Baby we realize that you need a loving baby nurse who interacts with your child or children through holding, rocking, cuddling, talking and reading .  Our baby nurses truly enjoy babies and have the knowledge and experience to give your babies the attention he or she needs.

Naturally Born Baby Doulas
Provides emotional, physical and informational support to mothers and their families during their pregnancy birth and the postpartum period. As a labor/ postpartum support doula we can assist women who choose to birth in a hospital or birth center along with their midwife or doctor. It is our philosophy that women should birth in an environment that feel safest and most comfortable while receiving continuous support throughout their labor and delivery. As a postpartum doula we will assist you in your home providing emotional support, infant care and breastfeeding counseling. Naturally Born Baby also see the postpartum period as an essential time for parents to receive professional care that will install confidence and ease their transition into parenthood. We are a specialized services designed to help support you and your family during this wonderful time..We are here to help ease you into your new role as parents. Whether its the birth of your first second or third child, we can and will fit your need.
Finding the right Doula or Baby Nurse is as much about chemistry as it is philosophy. Naturally Born Baby Doulas & Baby Nurses are happy to meet with you for a free consultation .



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