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Labor/ Postpartum Doula &, Baby Nurse 

Our Services

Naturally Born Baby is committed to helping parents with the highest level of in-home care for newborns. We offer 24 hour over night 12 hour day or nighttime care. Our Baby-Nurses and Doulas have a well rounded knowledge in formula, Breast Feeding, Infant Massage, Multiple and Special Needs Babies..Knowledge of reflux protocol and understanding of premature infants with special need. We understand how to effectively set up a routine that fits the family’s lifestyle. We are able to interpret and adequately respond to a baby’s needs, establish healthy sleep habits, familiar with diaper rashes, circumcision care, reflux, colic, swaddling, soothing techniques and how to effectively set up the family for success. We can assist your family for two weeks to three months relieving mom at nights and educating the parents as we go along.

 My services provide but are not limited to the following:

  • Encourage nutrition & fluids in early labor
  • Assist mom in using a variety of helpful positions & comfort measures
  • Newborn care & education
  • Infant Massage
  • Emotional support to parents
  • Breast & bottle feeding support
  •  Exercise & stretching support
  • Assist mom to rest & relax
  • Easier bonding due to more confidence between baby and parents
  • Reducing changes of maternal postpartum depression and/or a shorter duration for the mother to cope with postpartum
  • Greater understanding of a newborns emotional, physical & behavioral needs
  • Reducing maternal exhaustion, frustration, & apprehension during early weeks of labor
  • Planning of care and evaluation of needs
  • Dad back to work sooner with less anxieties
  • Ongoing assessment
  • Meal preparation & light house keeping.

Presents mature, professional attitude ......Exhibits strong organizational skill

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