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Natually Born Baby appreciates the comments and feedback received from clients and their families. Read what they have to say:

"Jenn is an extremely hard working, educational, and fun woman. She is a joy to be around and is so much help with the kids!." - Mikaela VB.,Massachusetts
"We never knew life with an infant could be like this! Jen was AMAZING in helping us to implement a schedule and add consistency to our second child's day. Since we had 'been through this before we thought we knew what to do, but Leo was incredibly fussy from 2 1/2 weeks on - not sleeping or eating with any consistency, and taking up to 2 hours to get to sleep for just 30 minutes! He was always cranky because he was so overtired, but never seemed to want to fall asleep.  From literally the first day of following Jen advice we saw results and Leo is a much happier baby because of it. He has now been sleeping 12 hours a night since 13 weeks old, and his naps are much more consistent. We feel like we have our lives and sanity back and there's no price that can be put on that! All in all, Jen made us a MUCH happier family." - High Profile Clients, New York, NY

"Jen was a gem. Warm and compassionate, she offered a wealth of knowledge and experience. The knowledge she shared with me will take me through my baby’s toddler years.- Frieda L., Westchester, NY

"Jennifer could not have entered our lives at a more critical period of time after coming home from the hospital with our newborn son. My partner and I were going through an extremely trying post-partum period and needed someone special to help us with his special needs. Jenn was that extraordinary someone. From the moment she walked into our home Jenn demonstrated a warmth, compassion, patience and expert maternal care we needed and that is matched only by our own wonderful mothers. Within moments of meeting her, we felt completely at ease and comfortable to have jenn soothe and care for our inconsolable boy. Seamlessly she embraced him as if he were her own and allowed us to leave our home to catch our breath after a first few difficult weeks. We have learned a great deal of successful parenting techniques from Jenn and to this day continue to reach out for her advice, wisdom and support. Words alone cannot describe the tremendous gift Jenn has given our unique family. Anyone in need of a hand--or even some post-partum heavy lifting--should give Jenn  a call.- NEW MOMS, Columbus, OH

"I am so sorry we won't be seeing our doula & baby-nurse Jen any longer. We adored her! Not only was she such a help to me...answering questions, teaching me mom skills and just being a wonderful friend, Jen was an integral part in making Greta the dream child she is today. Thank you for everything, I really appreciate it!"- Lisa & Greta, Ohio
"I am pleased to write this letter as a recommendation for Jen “Jennifer” Clouden. As first time parents, my husband and I were looking for a baby nurse that would be calm and patient with us and our baby; someone that would answer all of our questions and someone that would help us to get started on “the basics” of parenthood. Jen filled these expectations and more. After having Jen spend three weeks with us, I feel well-rested and ready to be on my own! I have appreciated the time she has spent with us and miss her DEARLY! Feel free to contact us for any references.!" - TWO ATTORNEYS, Westchester, NY

"Jennifer is a first rate newborn care specialist whom we respect absolutely. In desperation, after six exhausting weeks taking care of our colicky newborn daughter, we turned to Jen(baby whisper). After a few nights with Jen, and some changes, we made based on Jen’s very diplomatically presented suggestions, Sophie settled down and ever since has been a pretty easy baby to care for. Not only did Jen prove to be an expert at newborn care, which one would expect based on her credentials, but she also proved very adept at managing and teaching us parents, which in our case was a challenge because we have our own ideas on how we want to care for our children. Jen cheerfully accommodated our instructions, earned our trust, and in the end convinced us to change some of our ideas. We had a lot on our minds and Jen functioned very independently. We have complete confidence in her judgment and didn’t worry about our children at all. We most strongly recommend Jen. She is wonderful. She is our baby whisper!" - MR & MRS Mesqiter, Cincinnati,OH
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